Technology Sectors

The National University Complex for Biomedical and Translational Research (NUCBTR) is a strategic network of infrastructures for fundamental and translational biomedical research and includes partners from two of the largest medical universities in Bulgaria, the Medical University of Sofia and the Medical University of Plovdiv, as well as a number of hospital and research centers. At the core of the University Complex is the unification of the largest biobanks for the storage of biological material and clinical data in the country.

NUCBTR links existing resources, achieving a critical mass of expertise and technological opportunities, creating conditions for developing research in the field of molecular medicine, genetics and epidemiology in Bulgaria in the post-genomic era. The purpose of creating and developing the University Complex is to accelerate the transition between fundamental research and clinical practice in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most important diseases for society.

Based on the international expert assessment, NUCBTR has been assessed as one of 4 infrastructure complexes, which are nationally significant infrastructures and have the potential to participate in pan-European research infrastructures. MMC and NUCBTR are included in the National roadmap of the scientific infrastructure in Bulgaria from its creation in 2010.

Microarray Core Facility

With regard to functional genomics, MMC has a facility for microarray technology that gives unprecedented ability for whole genome simultaneous study of the expression levels of thousands of genes; analysis of genome structure and variations, such as SNPs, copy number variations (CNVs), large deletions/duplications, epigenetic changes in the genome such as methylation; analysis of siRNA, miRNAs; protein interactions etc.


The Microarray Core is equipped with all necessary microarray equipment for sensitive high throughput analysis of microarrays on standard slides, including Hybridization oven with 24 slides capacity; Agilent Laser array scanner with carrousel for 48 slides, equipped with relevant image acquisition and data analysis software. 

Agilent Microarray Scanner (Agilent Technologies) The specific features of the scanner include: highly sensitive and precise optical system for detection of fluorescent signals, wide range allowing detection of weak signal, high image quality and high sensitivity with the possibility of dynamic autofocus during scanning, high resolution scanning without signal oversaturation. The device is capable of operating in automatic mode and a capacity of 48 microchips. The sector is also equipped with analysis software that allows easy capture of fluorescent signals, directly related to programs for statistical processing and interpretation of data.


- aCGH


- expression analysis of small RNAs

- epigenetic modifications - methylation profile and ChIP-on-chip

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