Technology Sectors

The National University Complex for Biomedical and Translational Research (NUCBTR) is a strategic network of infrastructures for fundamental and translational biomedical research and includes partners from two of the largest medical universities in Bulgaria, the Medical University of Sofia and the Medical University of Plovdiv, as well as a number of hospital and research centers. At the core of the University Complex is the unification of the largest biobanks for the storage of biological material and clinical data in the country.

NUCBTR links existing resources, achieving a critical mass of expertise and technological opportunities, creating conditions for developing research in the field of molecular medicine, genetics and epidemiology in Bulgaria in the post-genomic era. The purpose of creating and developing the University Complex is to accelerate the transition between fundamental research and clinical practice in order to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most important diseases for society.

Based on the international expert assessment, NUCBTR has been assessed as one of 4 infrastructure complexes, which are nationally significant infrastructures and have the potential to participate in pan-European research infrastructures. MMC and NUCBTR are included in the National roadmap of the scientific infrastructure in Bulgaria from its creation in 2010.

Bioinformatics Core Facility

The Bioinformatics sector provides access to various databases and analytical software and offers a large number of services. Molecular Medicine Center trains researchers and students in biomedicine so that they can successfully analyze the obtained experimental data.

The Bioinformatics sector maintains carefully selected software packages for the bioinformatics analysis of the available data, developed by the staff in cooperation with Bulgarian and international researchers and software development companies. We have commercial software packages for data analysis from microarray and NGS analyzes.


VarSeq (Golden Helix) Software for data analysis from NGS analyzes. The software allows for filtering and annotation of data obtained from NGS, both for individual gene panels and for whole exome and whole genome. The VSClinical add-on module allows the implementation of the guidelines of the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG), used to identify and classify variants related to the risk of hereditary diseases, predisposition to cancer and diagnosis of rare diseases.

Dragen (Illumina) Server pre-configured for bioinformatics purposes. The server manages a Bio-IT platform. This platform can be used for highly optimized pipelines for secondary analysis of NGS data.


- Genomic sequencing

- Exomatic sequencing

- RNA sequencing

- Microbiome

- Tumor tissue sequencing

CytoGenetics (Agilent) Software for analysis of data obtained from microchip analysis.

CytoSure (oGT) Software for analysis of data obtained from microchip analysis.

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