The National University Complex for Biomedical and Translational Research (NUCBTR) is a scientific infrastructure uniting the resources of the leading medical universities in Bulgaria, in order to create conditions for innovative basic, applied, and translational research in the field of biomedicine. The above-mentioned will translate directly on the long-term effect on the health of the nation and the medicine of the future.


Achieving high scientific achievements in modern biomedical science is beyond the capabilities of a scientist, an organization or a discipline. We need a critical mass of scientists and specialists, access to the latest key technologies and data sets, a suitable scientific environment and favorable conditions for effective collaboration.


NUCBTR's mission is to become the leading national scientific infrastructure and establish itself as a Center of Excellence in the field of Biomedical Medicine, providing scientists, teams and organizations with access to the latest molecular technologies and expertise, biobanks, databases and resources for storage and processing of large data sets.

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