The National University Complex for Biomedical and Translational Research (NUCBTR)  has the highest class of technological equipment, allowing the provision of services in the fields of biobanking, biomedical research and laboratory medicine, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, cell biology, immunology, drug monitoring, physiology and others.

The aim of the research infrastructure is to offer access to a wide range of researchers, research organizations and external users to modern highly specialized research methods, services and expert assistance at the highest professional level.

Genomics Core Facility

Real-time PCR:
- RNA expression analysis;
- TaqMan SNP genotyping;
- SYBR Green SNP genotyping;
- DNA quantitation.

Contact person:
Silva Kyurkchiyan, PhD
Radosveta Bozhilova, PhD


Fragment analysis:
- microsatellite instability;
- loss of heterozygosity;
- microsatellite genotyping.


Sanger sequencing

Contact person:
Kalina Mihova, MSc -
Daniela Pencheva, db


Next-generation sequencing with Ion Torrent, Life Technologies:
- Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot sequencing panel;
- Ion AmpliSeq™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 sequencing panel;
- Ion AmpliSeq™ Colon and Lung Cancer sequencing panel;
- AmpliSeq™ Inherited Disease sequencing panel;

Contact person:
Rumiana Dodova, PhD

- Custom sequencing panel;
- Ion 16S Metagenomic Solution.

Contact person:
Veronika Petkova, PhD


Next-generation sequencing with MiSeq, Illumina:
- Illumina TruSight Cancer sequencing panel;
- Illumina TruSight One sequencing panel;
- Illumina TruSight Inherited Diseases sequencing panel;
- Illumina TruSight Tumor sequencing panel;
- 16S Metagenomic Sequencing.

Contact person:
Kunka Kamenarova, PhD

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